Antique, Classic and Historic Automobile world Fellowship of Rotarians

The Antique, Classic and Historic Automobile world Fellowship of Rotarians (ACHAFR) is an international association of Rotarians dedicated to promoting the preservation and utilisation of antique, classic and historic automobiles as an opportunity for fellowship and service.

The ACHAFR embraces national chapters and has individual members (see Membership). It has been approved for recognition by the Board of Rotary International.

Please visit our website at

The Fellowship was founded in 1988 and gradually spread its wings over continents and now counts twelve national chapters in Europe and North America as well as contact representatives in Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Uruguay (see National Chapters at )

Our Main Activities Include:

  • acting as prime contact with Rotary International
  • holding an Annual General Meeting providing full details of the previous years’ activities and presenting the Financial Statements and the Financial Budget
  • coordinating at least one International Touring Rally per annum (see National Chapters, ACHAFR Tours)
  • providing support to new fellowships / national chapters in helping them to get established
  • giving support to national chapters organising rallies themselves and/or assisting local Rotary Clubs with the organisation and promotion of Vintage and Classic Car Rallies and Shows
  • providing and maintaining a website ( for general information and specifics of national chapters and events
  • assisting national chapters in acquiring new members through booths at Rotary Conventions (District and International) and providing marketing and PR support via social media, newsletters and materials such as car badges, caps, pins, shirts, etc.

Tours and Events

There are hundreds of events being organised by various Rotary Clubs throughout the world and via its national chapters. ACHAFR will provide information of those local and national events and introduce interested potential participants from other  domestic and foreign Rotary Clubs to the respective organizing Club (see Rotary Club Events at )

President's Newsletter Vol. 15 No. 1, February 2019

Fellowship of Rotarians 30 years old and energetic!!

Dear Members:

Now that cold temperatures are fading away in the Northern Hemisphere we can throw eyes on the new Rallye Season.

Again ACHAFR and National Chapters are ready in preparing and organizing various exciting tours, which will bring many of us to yet unknown cities, villages and landscape. This is a major asset and advantage of our Fellowship.

Last year it has been the 30th Anniversary of our Fellowship and we have attached much interest to this great occasion … and for good reason! We are among the oldest international Fellowships of Rotary and we really are “international” and remain energetic!

Since its start in Waku Waku in Australia in 1988, our Fellowship gradually spread its wings over continents and now counts national chapters in Europe and North America with representatives in many countries all over the world.

Over the years, we petrol heads (Australian expression for ‘car nuts’) have grown to become a magnificent group of friends meeting each other on various occasions. Rallies in Italy, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and in particular our Europe Tours have become ‘family festivals’. At those joint events and adjacent social gatherings the close knit car-family attitudes prevail over nationalities and languages and that adds to Rotary’s philosophy of close cooperation and communication at home and across borders, which is extremely important and valuable in nowadays’ changing environments and tendencies.

Our friends in Italy will again take the lead in organizing a major rally: the Rotary Coast-to-Coast Tour, which will bring some 50 antique and classic cars to the start in Orbetello on April 26. After various preceding tours under various logos, it is this year the Thermal Tour. During the five days until May 1, the participants will visit Montecatini Terme, will cross the Apennines, will experience magnificent Bagno di Romagna, and will finish in Ravenna and throw eyes on the Adriatic Sea. On the long course there will not only be challenges of driving along hidden and steep roads but also competitive “time-speeding”. During these days the teams will ‘fight’ in 3 rounds for the Trofeo Amato Olivieri – in memory of a great inspirator of rallies, such as the Coast-to-Coast Tour. For further information and reservation, see

After taking some rest in early May, in particular the Italian members will head for a long and challenging tour to the Rotary World Convention in Hamburg. They will cover no less than 1,300 km vice versa, a thankworthy initiative - also reflecting the spirit of our Fellowship!

They will join participants to the ROFD/Europe Tour, initially on May 27 in the Netherlands, where ACHAFR Board Members organize a pre-tour under the logo “On the Way to Hamburg”. PP Maarten Kaptein and myself will show participants from England, the Netherlands, and Italy; some beauties of the Netherlands, such as the Royal Delft Porcelain Factory, the former Airborne Headquarters, from where the operation ‘a Bridge too far’ started in 1944; and the large collection of 250 antique and classic cars at Louwman Museum, Giethoorn-Venice of the North - before joining all participants at the ROFD/Europe Tour in Reinstorf Germany. 

Thanks to the initiative of the Treasurer of our Fellowship, Johannes Zilkens, this year’s Europe Tour is organized by our German Chapter Rotary OldtimerFreunde Deutschland (ROFD). 

On May 30 we will ‘rally’ through the Lueneburger Heide and visit the “Museum zurLuftbruecke”, memorializing the airlift by the Royal Airforce, US Airforce, and the French Airforce during the period August to September 1949. During this period, in total 277,569 flights brought 2.2 million tons of goods (coal -1.5. million tons and food – 0.7 million tons) to the population of West Berlin, which suffered from the Soviet blockade.

On this day we will also have our yearly Annual General Meeting, during which all members reflect on the activities of the fellowship, hopefully in positive terms.

On June 1 the 40 teams of antique and classic cars will drive to Hamburg in order to see fascinating prototypes of car construction at the Prototypen Museum, before hopefully parking in front of the World Convention in Hamburg, where the (co)drivers will be welcomed at the ACHAFR booth in the House of Friends.

As in the preceding 15 years we will again show in our booth at the Convention the visiting Rotarians from all over the world the features of ACHAFR and induce some of them to join our Fellowship and/or establish a new National Chapter elsewhere.

By doing so, we may add impetus to the objectives of ACHAFR.

In addition to the social aspects, there are the financial/granting aspects of these gatherings. Jointly, ACHAFR and its National Chapters have supported activities like End Polio Now and specific projects in member countries with substantial amounts of funds. In Italy, for instance we have contributed to the construction of the multifunctional center in the heavily earth quake shaken area of Amatrice. In this area housing/working facilities need to be built and in order to motivate young professionals to remain in the region, the center will be at their disposal with work rooms, studios, etc. 

By supporting these various activities and projects we jointly demonstrate, that vintage car owners do not only enjoy the events (and their cars), but in particular live up to the ‘Leitmotiv’ of Rotary “Service above Self”.

For details of these tours and all other tours organized by ACHAFR and its National Chapters, you are kindly invited to look at our website www and to register your participation at one or more of the tours in 2019.

This website has grown to become an important information and ‘marketing’ channel of our Fellowship - not only to members of the fellowships, but also to ‘petrol heads’ in many other countries. Statistics and flow charts provide some evidence that the activities of our Fellowship are seen as interesting and supportive to the communicative and cooperative ideals of Rotary.


With finest personal regards, 

Matthijs van den Adel 

Pre- tour ACHAFR to the ROFD/ Europe Tour and the 2019 Rotary International Convention in Hamburg

Under the theme  ”I’m on my way to the ROFD/Europe Tour and the 2019 Rotary International Convention in Hamburg,” the ACHAFR  board is organising  for  British/Dutch/Belgian members of the National Chapters a pre- tour to Reinstorf Germany from May 28-30, 2019


28 May 2019  

11.00 hrs:  Arrival of all participants at the Royal Yacht Club Loosdrecht, Loosdrechtsedijk nr 151, code  1231LT  Loosdrecht. Refreshments will be served.

12.00 hrs: Departure towards  the Arnhem region and visit of the Airborne Headquarters. Museum Hartenstein, the former Airborne Headquarters from where the operation Market Garden, a Bridge too far started.

16.00 hrs: Departure and heading for  the countryside hotel at Delden, Hotel Carelshaven, Twickel Estate.

29 May  2019

10.00  hrs: Visit old water wood mill next door to hotel Carelshaven.

11.30 hrs: Departure to Nieuweschans,  Fontanaresort hotel.

30 May 2019  

10.00 hrs: Departure to Reinstorf  on the Lunenburgerheide and join the Europe/Convention Tour of the ROFD, the German chapter of ACHAFR.

See their program on our website.

Costs of the Pre-Tour : € 425 per team, including the welcome gathering at Royal Yacht Club Loosdrecht, 2 nights at hotel with breakfast and dinner as well as the entrance fee to the Airborne museum and the wood mill. All drinks are excluded!!

The pre-tour will be easy-going, led by a tiny roadbook.

Sign-up  until December 31, 2018

Please pay participation fees to the ACHAFR bank account NL75ABNA0544726960, which will be your final subscription.

Initially we have reserved 20 rooms at the mentioned hotels, thus make your reservation as soon as possible. 

PS: Please bear in mind that by now already 20 teams signed up for the 2019 ROFD/Europe Tour to the RI World Convention – total number of cars will be need to be maximised to 50 only!

Registration form

Drivers Name:

Co-driver name:



Cell Phone:


Rotary Club:

Signed/ date

Send this completed form  to:

The pre-tour is at own risk!! Board is not responsible for calamities.


ACHAFR International Board of Directors

President - Matthijs van den Adel (NL) -  

Secretary - Michael Rye (England) -  

Treasurer - Johannes Zilkens (Germany) -  

Board Member - Joanne Pistorius (USA)  

Board Member - Yves Lozach (F)