Antique, Classic and Historic Automobile world Fellowship of Rotarians

The Antique, Classic and Historic Automobile world Fellowship of Rotarians (ACHAFR) is an international association of Rotarians dedicated to promoting the preservation and utilisation of antique, classic and historic automobiles as an opportunity for fellowship and service.

The ACHAFR embraces national chapters and has individual members (see Membership). It has been approved for recognition by the Board of Rotary International.

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The Fellowship was founded in 1988 and gradually spread its wings over continents and now counts twelve national chapters in Europe and North America as well as contact representatives in Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Uruguay (see National Chapters at )

Our Main Activities Include:

  • acting as prime contact with Rotary International
  • holding an Annual General Meeting providing full details of the previous years’ activities and presenting the Financial Statements and the Financial Budget
  • coordinating at least one International Touring Rally per annum (see National Chapters, ACHAFR Tours)
  • providing support to new fellowships / national chapters in helping them to get established
  • giving support to national chapters organising rallies themselves and/or assisting local Rotary Clubs with the organisation and promotion of Vintage and Classic Car Rallies and Shows
  • providing and maintaining a website ( for general information and specifics of national chapters and events
  • assisting national chapters in acquiring new members through booths at Rotary Conventions (District and International) and providing marketing and PR support via social media, newsletters and materials such as car badges, caps, pins, shirts, etc.

Tours and Events

There are hundreds of events being organised by various Rotary Clubs throughout the world and via its national chapters. ACHAFR will provide information of those local and national events and introduce interested potential participants from other  domestic and foreign Rotary Clubs to the respective organizing Club (see Rotary Club Events at )

Minutes from June 9, 2018 General Meeting held at Oud London Hotel, Zeist, Netherlands

Calling the meeting to order, President Matthijs in welcoming those present to our Fellowship AGM and whilst there were 25 members in attendance it was hoped that more would have been available to attend our 30th anniversary. 

In his report he paid particular attention to the developments in ARACI and thus welcomed the New Board of ARACI headed by the new President Giuseppe Giaconia de Migaido, VP Rodolfo Torri and Secr.Vincent Mazzone. Since the new board appointment membership had increased to 198 members.

Since our last AGM there has been an influx of new lifetime members from Germany, Switzerland and Philippines and our webmaster provided encouraging figures where number of clicks show advancing trends of membership interest on the increase from various countries outside of Chapter’s countries….and the strengthening of our Fellowship.

During his visit to Australia he took the opportunity of meeting with David Webster of the Australian Chapter which gives rise to hope of a bright future for our Fellowship within Australia.

He directed our attention to our new Chairman in North America- Bob Reynolds- and thanked him for his ongoing support at the RI World Conventions in Atlanta and now in Toronto where his unstinted efforts are raising greater awareness of ACHAFR to visiting Rotarians is creating an expansion of members.

He paid particular attention to the charity contributions of chapters in 2017 it was in the region of € 100 000 and already now € 120 000 in 2018 with more to come. All this money is put back into communities through responsive programming. Thus, our fellowship is very successful within Rotary- which may not the case with other fellowships. 

The President brought to members attention our current difficult financial position, which does not allow us to be as creative with PR and produce PR material - like ties, banners etc.

With the GDPR now in being since May 28th, 2018 there was now in place an ACHAFR authorized written version for all Chapters to follow, and the Secretary had forwarded these to the Chairmen of Chapters to put into use. Also, copies were available to be collected from the Secretary. This also applies to Board members. Thanks were expressed to Michael Sullivan of RRAF who diligently put the document together.

Treasurers report:

Johannes Zilkens went through the current balance sheet highlighting issues of concern, but these would be eradicated once the new Board recommendations are put into place. Major outlay for our Fellowship have been booths at Rotary International convention in Atlanta and Toronto but this was a budgeted cost as we need a presence to attract new members and inform current members of our advancing trends in Chapter activities.

The Board agreed to a no increase in National Chapters fees/contributions but stated that from 2019 participants for ACHAFR tours will have a 25Euro or £20.00 per car included in the overall participating fee. The organising national chapter would then be able to determine use of surplus funds as they so decide after payment to ACHAFR.

The Board also agreed to levy a donation of € 25,- per commercial message/advertisement on the website of ACHAFR....this is for commercial advertising only....and reflecting Colin’s remarks NOT for members wishing to advertise their cars, they of course will not be charged!

Secretary’s report:

The Secretary stated that he had received no apologies.

The Secretary pointed out the need for Chapters to keep their members up to date with Board initiatives and would they please refer to our website which we now keep up to date with added information. He pointed out that copies of GDPR were available for collection as were details of initiatives to celebrate 30 years of our Fellowship. It is also important to remember that in a number of instances we are using the old Rotary International branding ….it is now two years since the new branding was introduced, and we should be looking to revising letterheads and other Fellowship material to conform. 

Future tours:

2019 Hamburg. To coincide with Rotary International convention. Johannes gave a presentation which after discussions was uplifted from two days to possibly four with RRAF-NL combining with Germany. It has to be appreciated that the proposed dates of 30th May – June 2, 2019 does create a logistic problem due to holidays. However both Johannes and rraf-nl will meet to discuss how best to proceed and make it a two centre tour. Further information will be posted on the website as and when available.

2020 Coast to Coast Italy. Luigi Olivieri (ARACI) travelled from San Benedetto to be with us and gave a comprehensive presentation, including proposed route from Ascoli Piceno traveling through Trevi, Assisi, Umbria and Tuscany. Luigi stated that there will be a maximum of 50 vehicles and that whilst ARACI are aware of distances to be travelled prior to the start, they are making every effort to cost out cars for multi transportation on vehicle loaders from UK and areas within Europe.

It was agreed that we would arrange for a bi-monthly update to be posted on our website thereby alerting all members to application forms, travel arrangements etc. 

A.O.B. David Spenser rraf-uk brought to attendees present that the balance remaining from the Flat cat and whippet tour in Yorkshire June 2017 was 600 pound sterling and this was put to buying a Rotary Shelter box.

In closing the President again congratulated rraf-nl for their commendable results in this our 30th anniversary tour and that he would be referring to it in his address to members at the evening gala dinner.

Date of next AGM meeting: Friday May 31st 2019 venue to be advised.

There being no other business the chairman closed the meeting at 19.20.

ACHAFR International Board of Directors

President - Matthijs van den Adel (NL) -

Secretary - Michael Rye (England) -

Treasurer - Johannes Zilkens (Germany) -

Board Member - Joanne Pistorius (USA)

Board Member - Yves Lozach (F)